Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bento No. 5 - 3 little Miss Quail have fun on the boat

As Ethan does not fancy hard boiled eggs, I am thinking of give it a try on Quill eggs instead.
i bought some quail eggs and mini sausages during my grocery shopping today.
so i decided to use both of them for Ethan's Bento.
The food pick looks like 3 different colours ribbon on the 3 little Miss Quail eggs.. and they are happily enjoying themselves on a boat.
Few octopus are floating by to have a peek on the 3 pretty ladies..haha..
This also reminds me of my 2 younger sisters.. Hope we can have fun together sometime. :)
oh ya.. i got to mention, Ethan ate the Quail eggs.. Yipee.. but only after he dip the quail eggs with some maggi soy sauce..
I am still happpy that one more choice added on his menu now..
mission accomplished..

Bento No. 4 - Little Pandan Cake Bears

My mum made some Pandan cake for us yesterday, so i use the animal cutters to cut 2 little bears for Ethan.

And I cut some cheese for my boy too.. we have a rabbit, penguin and a bird..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bento No. 3 : Little Piggy Doughnut

I found that the eyes are important features of the characters in Bento.. I cant find the shoe puncher for the facial features in Daiso..think i have to buy online..

So i use cheese instead..but seems not lively enough...

hmm.. maybe i should try my freehand cutting on the seaweed for the eyes next time.

I bought some mini doughnuts my son loves, two pieces of grapes as ears, two mentos as rosy cheek and slice of grape again (yup, my son's favourite fruit) for the smile...

yet another too simple Bento i make.. I will ganbate..

will practice on some Quill eggs and sausages when i have more time during the weekends..

Ethan doesn't eat hard boiled eggs, so i am trying my luck on Quill eggs..

Hopefully i can make it cute enough to encourage him to eat them..hehe..

Bento No. 2 : A fun day at beach and Banana Boat

As I know my boy will be having noodle on today's morning break menu, I will not prepare bread for his bento.

Instead, I decide to make him a Fruity Bento.
When I saw a bunch of bananas lying on the dining table, Banana boat was the first thing that came across my mind.
hmm.. I am going to make a bento with the Beach theme.. like a sunny Sunday at the beach.. relaxing under the umbrella while the kids enjoy themselves under the Sun.. :)

I use the banana as the boat ( quite straight forward), then different animal food picks as little kids riding on the banana boat , and a ring of grape as their lifebouy..

the slice of banana cut off from the base is use as a sand bay.. i choose the paper cups as the umbrella..

Steal some of my boy's Little Panda biscuits with Panda playing beach ball and excercising.. to make it merrier...

Pure happiness of kids have fun on the beach right?

sometimes I think each Bento is an Art itself.. it has its own story..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My First Bento - tata! Bento # 1 : Mousy Swissroll

Here is my first attempt in making snack Bento for my boy morning break. :)

Still struggling on how to use the bento gadgets i bought from Daiso the other day.. and i am planning for my 2nd trip to 100 yen shop to collect somemore..

keke.. Sign of a Bento addict huh?

I use a piece of swiss roll to make the face of the mouse ( actually i wanted to make a bear , but it turn out looking more like a mouse.. so be it..haha)
I cut the grapes for the ears, cheese for the round cheeks and raisins for the eyes..
but it looks rather empty in the bento box.. I need more gadgets like barans, and silicon cups maybe?
When my son first saw the bento.. you can see the surprise in his eyes..
I think he is attracted to the food due to the food pick and the adorable characters of the food..
This is the reason for making bento right? To make food interesting and acceptable to our children..
I told him to bring back the food pick and the cute thing is my parents told me he double check his backpack whether his bento box is inside when they pick him up after school..such a sweet boy, listen to mummy's word.. :)

The only limitation i have is time constraint.. I got a 4 mth old baby girl and 3 year old boy... every day task seems never ending.. I think every mum will starting nodding their heads by now :)

So i squeeze in some time before going to bed to make the bento.. as we have to send Ethan to school quite early due to distance..

Stumble upon - Bentoing

I need to write about how and why I start Bentoing right? :)

I stumble upon a website regarding Child preschool education, Motessori vs Fungates.

The blogger is a Bento lover! After i read her blog and see all the pictures she uploaded on the bento she made for her boy every morning touch my heart..

I say to myself.. Hey, I could do this to.. I think there is no other better ways to show our love for our child..

and here my Bento journey begins...