Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bento No. 36 - Lovey Dovey Bear

After a good whole month of fun making Halloween themed bentos and admiring other creative bentos, we are back to normal. I missed the Halloween though..

To adjust back to usual tempo.. I make a simple bento for E. Spread some strawberry jam on a bun and make it into a bear.

Cheese as the nose, nori the eyes and mouth. Cut a small section from the gummies as the rosy cheeks.

Added few heart shaped layered cheese for E.

He wiped out everything. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bento No. 35 : Itsy - Witchy Spider - Trick or Treat?

To catch the last band wagon for making Halloween Bentos, I made a Witch Spider bento.

I sandwiched the Chocolate Pocky sticks between the Oreo cookie as the spider legs.

Bread crust as the witch hat, cheese and nori as eyes. Lay the spider on a piece of sweetcorn bread, thats why it is looks yellowish.

Sprinkle a few Jelly Beans and some layered cheese as Candy Corn. These are the candy goodies for trick or treating.

I made a corn bread origini as the ice-cream ghost, place on top of a ice-cream cone.

To practice my carving skills, I tried to carve a Orange Jack' O fruit basket, fill it up with Orange wedges and red grapes.

E has been singing nursery rhymes learnt from school recently. One of them is

" Itsy - Bitsy Spider".

Here is how it goes :

" The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Climbed up the water spout,

Down came the rain, and washed the Spider out,

Out come the Sun, and dried up all the rain,

And the Itsy Bitsy Spider, climbed up the spout again."

Its nice to sing nursery rhymes along with E. :)
I posted this bento over Shannon's WFLW.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cake Pops! A new trend!

I saw some wonderful images of " Cake Pops" or Cake Lollipops on some websites. It caught my eye immediately.

The above images was from Bakerella.

I wanted to learn to make one right away.. ( If I had the time to do so ;p)

This is going to be my another passion just like when I got to know how to make Charaben not long ago.

I am definitely interested in trying the 'Cake Pops' out during one of my free days..

If anyone has tried this, kindly drop me some advices and tips.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bento Giveaways

A spiderweb bento caught my eye while dropping by Shannon's WFLW. The spiderweb is so neat and love the candy spiders too..

Glory Mischief is also having a bento giveaway. There are lot's of bento supplies for grab, I love the silicone cup with Bird's feet, so adorable. For those who wanted to start making bentos, this is a good chance to win a starter kit.

Giveaway is open to all. US/Canada and International.

Giveaway ended 23rd October 2010.


My bento friend Kidsdreamwork who inspires me very much is having her 1st Anniversary bento giveaway too.

The giveaway is opened until 22nd October 2010, Friday Midnight, Malaysia time (GMT+8).


Bentobloggy is having another bento pack giveaway!

You have until Sunday, Oct 31st, by 11.59pm EST time to enter.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bento No. 34 - The Mummy & Frankenstein

To continue with the Halloween Frenzy, I made another Halloween themed bento.

The two star of the day are Mummy and Frankenstein.
My Boy knows what a Mummy is as he watched the movie " Mummy Returns" , but he never seen Frankenstein. Well, its pretty normal as no kids will like to watch horror movie Frakenstein. haha..

He take it as The Hulk, which I don't blame him. They are pretty similar.
Sheri has made a Frankenstein bento too , and it is not scary at all, too cute!

Strips of cheese are layout randomly on the surface of the sandwich as bandage of the Mummy and 2 M & M's as the eyes.

As for Frankenstein, I cut a piece of the homemade Pandan Chiffon cake. Nori and cheese for the eyes and mouth. 2 green jewel picks as the bolt on both sides of the neck.

Its pretty simple to make actually.

On the top layer of the bento, I cut 2 piece of steamed purple sweet potato into Bats, some grapes and cherry tomotoes.

Have posted this bento over at Shannon's WFLW this week.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bento No. 33 - Cupcake O'Lantern and Batman

Ethan has requested a Batman bento since last week. I have been busy so i thought i might as well make a ' Batman Logo' in a Halloween bento as well, as ' Bats' are also a main character in a Halloween bento.

I have a pumpkin cupcake which i placed some nori on it as cupcake O' Lantern, and carve a plum into Plum O' Lantern too.

However, I think E does not really fancy plum and think he might not finish it if I put the whole piece of plum in his bento box.

I decided to slice it and mix with the skewers of grapes.

I cut a small piece of the layered cheese as mini Jack O' Lantern too.

The Batman logo was cut free hand from nori sheets. Placed it on top of a layer of cheese and Kaya sandwich.

Bento No. 32 - A Spooky Bento

Everyone has started making "Halloween" theme bento recently. I must join in the fun too.

We don't really celebrate " Halloween" here, however i enjoyed the Halloween festive atmosphere while i was studying in UK and working in Singapore.

So I want to introduce this fun culture to my kids too.

I boiled some carrots and use the pick to carve it into a 'carrot O'Lantern'.

Placed the carrot O' Lantern on top of the omelete.

Some mini sausages as the fingers and cheese as nails.

Use the pick to cut out few ghost to place on top of the baked beans.

From the first sight of the bento, I doubt Ethan will eat it, as he might be put off by the scary bento with the fingers and ghost. :)

But he is sporty enough to eat all the sausage fingers, carrot O'Lantern and the cheesy ghosts.

I guess he gets the fun side of the Halloween now.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bento No. 31 - Little Tooth Fairy, a Pink Ribbon bento

My Baby E has her first tooth sprouted yesterday, she is about 7 months old now.. She is a bit slower in having her first tooth than his bro..

She has been cranky for the past few days.. think more tooth coming soon..haha..

To celebrate baby E's milestone, I made a simple butter sandwich tooth fairy..

Just to mentioned another coincidence, my hubby accidentally broke a tooth the other day and he was joking with me that his tooth has been pass on to little E by the tooth fairy. :)

I cut a tiny tooth using cheese above the mouth, thats little E's new tooth. :)

A star pick as the tooth fairy magic wand, some layered cheese ( I learn stacking 2 kind of cheese from other bento experts) as the tooth brush.

Hope little E can build up the good habit to brush her teeth twice daily when she grows up.

I came accross the " October Pink" event, raising awareness for Breast Cancer. We are encouraged to make a "pink ribbon bento" to support this event.

I have seen breast cancer survivors amongst my family and relatives. And they are still going strong after operation and treatment.

Ladies, please rememeber to go for an annual mamogram when you hit 40.

Prevent rather that regret later..

Monday, October 11, 2010

E's assessment day

Me and hubby went for the Ethan's Pre-school Parents - Teachers day last week. His school will have 2 assessment per year.

When i just arrived at the school, I was warmly greeted by the principal Teacher Eva.

I am caught by surprise, the first thing she said to me is : " You managed to have time to make Ethan's bread for his break? The teacher and student will gather around to look at his bread everytime. I have 4 children, but i never made them such nice snack box"

Haha.. I didn't know how to react at first, though I am happy they love the bento I made for Ethan. I just said I got to know how to make cute bentos from other mummy in the website.

From what i have noticed, it is not very common for parents in my place to make Charaben. Hopefully I can spread the healthy and cute bento culture here.

And back to Ethan's assessment, it was generally good. Considering he just join the preschool in July, it has been 4 months now.

His teacher shows me his work and writings at school, I am quite surprised that he can trace some letters quite well now.

I thought he does not know how to hold a pencil properly. We cannot under estimate our child. :)

He was taught other practical skills at school too; like folding clothes, cutting straight lines, making sandwiches etc..

The long school break will commence in mid November till early January, I am still thinking what classes and activities should I arrange for Ethan so that he will not be bored at home.

Bento No. 30 - Two Little Bees

I planned to make a cute Penguin initially, however when I place my nori sheets on the bread, it looks more like a Bee.

So I changed the theme to 2 little Bees..:)

This time i used my new colourful jewel picks for the nose and antenna for the bees..

You probably have noticed I did not add in E's favourite grapes, as he has running nose and some coughing for pass few days.

So I cut down on some fruits, gave him raisins instead.

Drop in few alphabet biscuits for the spelling Bee again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bento No. 29 - Litte bear prince and Miss rabbit

My sister help me to get some new gadgets when she transit in KL. I have got a set of sandwich cutters.

I use the bear and rabbit cutters for the Kaya sandwich. Dip some nutella spread on the cutter outline for the facial expresssion.

Some cheese for the bear's crown and rabbit's ribbon.

I made another 2 sets of strawberry jam sandwich, cut a star and rabbit shape on the top slice of the sandwich.

Like most of the mummy will do, worrying whether the bread will be enough for my boy, I cut few more Pandan Chiffon Cake stars and some fruits for E.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bento No. 28 - Sausage Bun Puppy

Instead of buying white bread for Ethan's breakfast, I bought some cheese sausage bun from a local bakery.

I tried looking at the sausage bun for a second, thinking of what can i make out of it.

An image of a puppy came across my mind, so i just cut a ring from chocolate cupcake and cheese for its mouth, and some bear shape nori for its eyes.

Think both sides of the sausage bun looks like its floppy ears naturally.

Add Skewers of grapes and lemon slices to complete the bento.

Bento No. 27 - Fishes in the sea of love

I have some new tools recently. Last Sunday i tried using the egg mould for the first time.
Made a fish hard boiled egg, some sausages and cutting the omelette using heart shape cutter.
Before I started to make bento, Ethan does not eat hard boiled eggs or sunny side up. Three months later, he loves to eat hard boiled eggs dip with soy sauce and sunny side up with tomato sauce.
I am still trying to introduce more food to him like the raw cucumber.