Monday, February 7, 2011

Kids love Chinese New Year & Dong Dong Chiang

My boy striking a pose with his Kung Fu Sham
My little E wearing her oversize Traditional Chinese Sham with her Grandpa.

yea.. and Kids just love the Dong Dong Chiang ( Lion Dance)

Chinese New Year Celebration at the Padang Merdeka (Independence square)

Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, and Peking Lion Dance and the Unicorn too

My cheeky boy
Look at his excited face, there are 15 Lions perform at a friend's CNY party

Quite a impressive scene

u can see the ministers and politicians posing for the photographers on the stage
We didn't go anywher during CNY, just spent time with both me and my hubby family members.
Well thats what CNY all about, to celebrate with our love ones..
and the kids love the fireworks, Lion Dance and Ang pows (red packet with money for the kids as a blessing).


  1. Your kids are so cute!
    I think your girl is about the same age as mine??

    Looks like KK has better festive feeling than here!

  2. Thanks Alice, my girl is turning one next month. how about Baby G?

    hmm.. compare to previous years.. the atmosphere has tone down a bit..

    maybe due to the slowdown economy?