Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some cute and yummy stuff...in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This is another pleasant surprise when i saw this Precious Moments Christmas Theme at Jurong Point.

I used to collect the Precious Moments figurines.

Beautiful angels

and Lucky Us, just in time for the musical show. Precious moments figurines moving round and round inside the christmas tree just like the musical box.

I was mesmerized by these cute figurines.

Saw my boy hiding behind the glass.

Cute Bear from Harrod's at Changi Airport

My Boy's fav Mac D with his Kid's meal toy.

This mini Ferrari go-cart are really for sale, not just display.

Chuggington, err.. don't know his name, as my boy is not a fan..haha

I practically wanted to scream when i see this Giant Stitch, cutey.

Finally have a try on the Famous - Macaroon (Left to right : Hazelnut, Strawberry & Passion Fruit). Well, not bad I can say.

Saw this Giant Rainbow Pocky sticks at Watson. Just can't resist to have it!

Hershey's Store

Lot's of imported Confectionery from Japan, Milky girl is my favourite too!

Mini Chocolate Ice-cream cone, Cuteness Alert!

Here is my favourite Mos Burger - Ebi rice burger~ yum yum..

and of course the Chunky Fries and Iced Milk Tea.. I waited for 1 year and 1/2 year (from my last trip) to have another bite on this..hmm..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bento No. 41 - School Children Party

Homemade Mango Flavour Konyaku Jelly

Today is last day of school for E this year. The school is having a children party, parents are asked to bring a dish for the kids for the party.
I took a day off to make some mini party pack for E's classmates. I sent E to school in the morning then return home to start making the bentos. I have about 40 minutes to complete them.
So I choose to make a simple one, I made some Mango flavour Konyaku jelly a day before and chilled in the fridge.
Bought some buns to make mini burgers, grill some chicken nuggets in the oven while i pan fried some mini chicken mushroom cocktails.
Inside the box, there is 1 mini burger, 1 konyaku jelly, 1 rainbow marshmallow and a mini cocktail.
The time is just enough for me to make 20 party boxes. I forgot to take a photo on all of them laying on the table, as I was rushing to pack them to send to E's school. haha.
E brought home a Rabbit party hat and card. I wonder why they called it farewell party, probably because some students will be leaving the school after graduated this year.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bento No. 40 - Polar bear onigiri

I made a simple breakfast for E. Using the bear shape rice mould to make the snowy white polar bear.

Nori for eyes and mouth, a tiny sausage button for nose and dab some tomato sauce for the cheeks.

Fried some mushroom sausage and egg too.

E request for more tomato sauce to complete his bento.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bento No. 39 - Bread Sushi

I am a Sushi Lover, so i will make Sushi for Lunch during the weekends occasionally.

However E does not like to eat Sushi. In order to introduce him to this Oishi food, I had an idea of making Sushi from bread and Cheese.

Use the small round cutter to make some mini strawberry jam sammies. Cut long strip of Nori to wrap around the bread.

Chop some red Gummies to sprinkle on top , does it looks like fish roe sushi? hehe

A bar of layered cheese as the Tamagoyaki Sushi, strapped it by nori strip.

The last one is sweet corn sushi, pressing on 2 types of Cheese by mini oval cutter.

In the bottom layer of the bento box, I add some Honey Stars and grapes, and tried to make some "Bread Pops". Use the animal cutter, in this case a bear and a rabbit, insert a pick in between the sammies. Does it looks like a mini bread lollipop? :)

I get this idea from Emily's Blog. Finally got the chance to try my hands on it.
Its fun and easy making it.

Forgot to mention about E's reaction, when he first open his bento, he frowns a bit like want to say " ma, I don't like sushi.' I quickly explain to him it is bread sushi, all of them are jam sammies and there are gummies and cheese on them.

Then he was kind of relief and start to smile.. haha.. kids.. he ate all of the bread sushi.. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bento No.38 - Cat Love Fish

Made some Strawberry jam sammies by using the animal sandwich cutter, I choose the cat and heart shape.
Cut a few fishes using layered cheese. The cat grin widely as he got to eat his favourite fishes. :)
Overlapped two kind of cheese as the heart, meaning the cat LOVE the fishes..
Added some grapes and some biscuits for E too.
Have been busy and down with flu bugs lately. Luckily I still manage to post one bento at Shannon's WFLW. Hehe..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bento No. 37 - Silly Little Owl

I made another simple bread bento for E as he will have Macaroni during his break at school, i don't want him to be too full.

Use a round cutter to cut the strawberry jam sandwich as base. Darker colour cheddar cheese as the body and lighter cheese cut into heart shape as the chest.

Nori as the eyes, wings and feet.

Its kind of a silly looking owl, I don't have a hat pick so I use the jewel pick instead.