Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some cute and yummy stuff...in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This is another pleasant surprise when i saw this Precious Moments Christmas Theme at Jurong Point.

I used to collect the Precious Moments figurines.

Beautiful angels

and Lucky Us, just in time for the musical show. Precious moments figurines moving round and round inside the christmas tree just like the musical box.

I was mesmerized by these cute figurines.

Saw my boy hiding behind the glass.

Cute Bear from Harrod's at Changi Airport

My Boy's fav Mac D with his Kid's meal toy.

This mini Ferrari go-cart are really for sale, not just display.

Chuggington, err.. don't know his name, as my boy is not a fan..haha

I practically wanted to scream when i see this Giant Stitch, cutey.

Finally have a try on the Famous - Macaroon (Left to right : Hazelnut, Strawberry & Passion Fruit). Well, not bad I can say.

Saw this Giant Rainbow Pocky sticks at Watson. Just can't resist to have it!

Hershey's Store

Lot's of imported Confectionery from Japan, Milky girl is my favourite too!

Mini Chocolate Ice-cream cone, Cuteness Alert!

Here is my favourite Mos Burger - Ebi rice burger~ yum yum..

and of course the Chunky Fries and Iced Milk Tea.. I waited for 1 year and 1/2 year (from my last trip) to have another bite on this..hmm..


  1. Totally cute pictures! I will stop by in Singapore for 2 days after my holiday trip. I wanna that rainbow Pocky. Where is the Harshey's Chocolate World located? I only know the one in USS.

  2. Looks like a fun adventure! I've wanted to try a Mos burger forever!! Have you ever made one yourself?

  3. I want those rainbow Pockys too! What did I say? I NEED them! LOL

    Is that rice burger vegetarian? It looks delish! *yum*

  4. Thanks for sharing this tour of holiday good cheer in Singapore, it really brightened a rainy morning here. Mmmmm, macaroons!

  5. Lia : the Hershey store is at citylink mall, alight from cityhall station.
    hehe.. the rainbow pocky can be found in any watsons or Guardian stores. pretty right? I wonder i will eat them..ahaha

  6. OhayoBento: Mos Burger outlet is not found in many countries (besides Japan), so far i know there is some in HK and Singapore.
    nope.. we may actually tried to make a rice burger..hmm.. good idea.. i think we have to grill or panfried the rice cake first..

  7. gnoegnoe : sorry it is not a vegetarian burger. :P
    Ebi = Prawn/shrimp
    But i think they have some vegetarian choices on their menu.
    I am craving for Mos Burger now..hoping they will open an outlet here one day..

    Japan should have the rainbow pocky sticks too.

  8. bentobird: Thanks. Do you make macaroons too?