Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bento No. 35 : Itsy - Witchy Spider - Trick or Treat?

To catch the last band wagon for making Halloween Bentos, I made a Witch Spider bento.

I sandwiched the Chocolate Pocky sticks between the Oreo cookie as the spider legs.

Bread crust as the witch hat, cheese and nori as eyes. Lay the spider on a piece of sweetcorn bread, thats why it is looks yellowish.

Sprinkle a few Jelly Beans and some layered cheese as Candy Corn. These are the candy goodies for trick or treating.

I made a corn bread origini as the ice-cream ghost, place on top of a ice-cream cone.

To practice my carving skills, I tried to carve a Orange Jack' O fruit basket, fill it up with Orange wedges and red grapes.

E has been singing nursery rhymes learnt from school recently. One of them is

" Itsy - Bitsy Spider".

Here is how it goes :

" The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Climbed up the water spout,

Down came the rain, and washed the Spider out,

Out come the Sun, and dried up all the rain,

And the Itsy Bitsy Spider, climbed up the spout again."

Its nice to sing nursery rhymes along with E. :)
I posted this bento over Shannon's WFLW.


  1. Cute oreo spider! And nice carve on the orange. E so lucky to have this bento ... I'm sure that Itsy Bitsy Spider song will last a little longer :)

  2. Lovely jack o lantern and spider! Cheers!

  3. Lia : Thanks :). But I think I didnt carve the orange quite well, cant clear all the orange flesh inside. maybe need to find a better knife.
    E did not sing all the word right, so i printed out the lyrics and sing along with him.

  4. The Oreo spider is so cute and creative! If JY sees this he'll sure request for one too! :D

  5. Ai Ping , Thanks. So you make one to surprise him then..

  6. OhayoBento, Thanks! I copied others ideas on the orange basket. I still need more practice.

  7. Cute Oreo spider..of couse yummy to eat...hehe. Nice orange basket ler. :)

  8. What a cute friendly spider!
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Halloween!