Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bento 111 - Little Bee

Though Ethan's School holiday has started this week, but he will be joining the school's holiday class for a week. The kids will have lots of fun activities at school.
So I still prepare simple bento for E.
Today's menu is his favourite macaroni and with a little bee made from egg.
You realised there is another picture of bread bento below.. that is for Little Miss E, she begins to show interest in his brother's bento. So I thought I can start making simple bento for her.
She love the Miffy and Minne Mouse cheese sammies so much that she even kiss the bread.. lol.. cute little girl..
So this is her first bento from mummy and my first double bento.
I can't wait to make double bentos for my kids when little Miss E starts schooling in 1 year time!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Year End School Children Party

Friday was Ethan last day of school for 2011, the school have a party where the students are asked to bring a dish to share with all teachers and children. This year I just prepare a simple and easy potato salad cup for the teachers and some konyaku jelly for the kids. ( I made bento snack box for the kids last year)
The salad in the cup idea was from a japanese bento blog.. i simply love the idea for party and picnic or even road trips.
Wrapped the plastic food cups with pink and green ribbon, and decorate the quail eggs with cute details, attached a small thank you card i made together with Ethan on the cover.
Hope this bring smiles on the teachers' faces. I want to say Thank you to all the teachers for their patience, kindness and guidance during the kids' tender years.
Good teachers make a great difference in the early stage of their lives.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bento 110 - Macaroni and eggs

Justify FullAnother day without any inspiration.. i actually stared at the bento box for 5 minutes and still don't know what to make. In the end, I just place a few rings of eggs on top of the macaroni and few animal shape cheese by using the cutters.
However, my son loved this bento so much that he kissed me on the cheek this morning. And when i pick him up from school today, he told me proudly his classmates gathered around him to admire his bento.
All these little things makes my day, and a lot of people might asked why spend so much time making lunch or snack for the kids and decorate them with cute little details.
well, now I can proudly says, when our kids appreciate our love in making bento for them, its just priceless.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bento No. 109 - sausage bears

Happy Monday everyone! I know I have been MIA for a while.. busy in work.. I still make bentos for E, but not the fancy ones.. so didn't bother to post it up here..:)
Back to bentoing today with a sausage bears snack bento for my son and a ninja egg? i don't know, after peeling off a bit of the egg white.. thought it looks a bit like
Added a few grapes in the box too.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bento No. 108 - Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma buns

This is the first bento for the week, I had a day off yesterday from work.. if felt so good just relaxing and enjoying breakfast with my hubby and do some grocery shopping after sending the kids to school. Yup, sometimes just simple little things can make me happy.. :)
So no more Halloween bento , i think all of us are enough of Jack' Os and mummies for the time being.. lol...
Bought some bread and buns from the bakery yesterday..decorated the bun with cheese as Rilakkuma and Kaya sandwich balls as Korilakkuma. Added with a few cute hat and bow picks, and they are done!
Guess what else is in the box today.. some boiled peanuts too.. (E's grandma love to boil the peanuts till soft, it tastes good)

Rilakkuma is very easy to make, I have made a few of them in the past too.. you can take a look here, here,here, overhere,somemore and here too.