Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bento No. 79 - Rilakkuma pocket sammies

Happy Monday! I hope today is a happy for all, as mine is not the case. Little Miss E has fever for the past few days.. still have fever on and off after taking medicine..

well.. I hope she will recover soon. If not I need to take a day off from work tomorrow.

Running out of ideas, I choose my back up plan - Rilakkuma.. hehe..

We have some left over Chicken breast meat from dinner tonight. I made a shredded breast meat and cheese pocket sammies for E.

Spread the shredded chicken breast on a piece of bread, place a piece of cheese on top. Cover them up with another piece of bread (after cutting a bear shape in the middle, in this case i make Rilakkuma), then seal it.

E loves eggs whether sunny side up or hard boiled. I seldom pack eggs in his bento as i find its difficult for him to consume during his 20 mins break. So I bought some quail eggs, smaller in size ,easier for him to pop in his mouth..haha..

I made Kiroiitori with a quail egg (idea from Karenmama's bento book).

Inside the box: another half piece of quail egg and some grapes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My precious collections

I have promised earlier to some of my bento friends to share my figurines collection when I finally have time to unpacked them.

I got the chance to do so while i was house cleaning during last weekend. And we just bought 2 glass display cabinets. yipee!

Finally my precious collections is out of the box and to be shared with others.

I started collecting Precious Moments figurines while I was working and staying in Singapore. The figurines sure costs me a bomb. But I just love them too much.. the tear drop eyes figurines are simply adorable.
They are made from porcelain, so must handle with care. I have warned my kids they can only view but not touch my figurines in the cabinet.. :)

Now you understand why I was overwhelmed with the Precious Moments Christmas Theme at a mall during my trip to Singapore last year.

While there are some Anpanman and friends toy figurines that i bought at the Flea Market at Clarke Quay in Singapore. I believe now they have moved to Chinatown Point.

There are quite a big toy collectors community in Singapore, that's why i could get a nice collection of them.

The pair of Mickey and Minnie figurines was souvenirs bought from Hong Kong Disneyland. The precious moments couples in the wedding car is the figurine that placed on my wedding cake during our Big day. I just can't refrain myself from adding the parachute couples to my collection.

Pinochio and Tinkerbell is from HK Disneyland. Animal lovers will love these 2 figurines with little gal bathing and walking the puppies at the park.

I particularly love the one at the right, just like my son fall asleep beside his father watching TV.

The one at the background, there will be lightings on the Christmas tree with Christmas songs playing when you swith it on. Think you won't miss the one far right corner, a precious moment version of Monalisa portrait.

And here are some more.

Anpanman and friends

Hope you enjoy viewing my collection. :)

Bento No. 78 - Little Ultraman

We have just got back to work and schooling today after a day off yesterday. It was Wesak Day, a public holiday in Malaysia.
Little Miss E has been cranky these few nights.. maybe due to her toothing..
Hence another simple bento for E. He requested for Ultraman, what a relief for me. hehe.. I must confess i did struggle to get out of bed to make the bento for him. I made a ham and cheese pocket sammies for him today, it was a light one as it will be Macaroni in today's menu.
I have just hopped over and shared this bento at Shannon's WFLW.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bento No. 77 - Super Mario Icon

My boy are into playing games recently. He likes to play Super Mario Wii Sport with her aunt ( my younger sister). I am not a "game" person since young.
However i did play a little bit of Super Mario. Its quite easy and the characters are fun..
I think Super Mario is a classic for the Nintento games. Can you imagine I played Super Mario when I was young, and now my son is still playing it. haha..I wanted to make Mario and Luigi.. however I need to prepare some red and green eggsheets. Next time maybe (I wish I had more time everyday).
I opt to make the other Super Mario Icons appear in the game instead. The typical Toad (Mushroom), Star and Flower.This time I remember to take the pictures to show the tools and a brief tutorial on how to make the icons.

1) For making Toad (Mushroom)

I use the a bear cutter for the mushroom head,
an arrow cutter for the stem. Round cutter for
round spot on the mushroom (Karenmama's bento book cutter).

or you can cut it out from Cheese by tracing the
shape of the Toad on a piece of paper.

2) Use the round side of the bear shape cutter on
a piece of ham, then trim the unwanted edges
by using a knife.

Use the bottom part of the arrow cutter on a
piece of cheese for the stem or the face of the

3) Tools for making Flower

An oval cutter on a piece of ham for the base.
A smaller oval cutter ( in this case I use a round cap, just press gently by fingers to make it an oval shape) on a piece of cheese and place it one the ham.

Then use smallest oval shape (Karenmama bento book cutters) for the face for the flower.

4) Easiest to make is the star, just use any star cutter will do.

All the expression are Nori cut by using Karenmama's bento book facial puncher.

And again I find the cutters and facial expression puncher that comes with Karenmama's new bento book is so so useful.. I can make so many characters by using them. Strongly recommended.. :)

Just shared this post over Shannon's WFLW, lets hop over to catch up with other great bento creations!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bento No. 76 - Friendly King of the Jungle

Happy Monday! We had a great time yesterday celebrating Mother's day. We brought the kids along with my parents and sister to 1 Borneo Mall. The kids enjoy their playtime at the playground.

After some shopping, we had lunch at the Kam Tong HK Restaurant. The food was great. The kids were exhausted but i know they totally enjoyed it.

Sometimes spending precious moments with our love ones is all that matters, we don't want to squeeze in with the crowd in those expensive restaurants for dinner.

Just a simple lunch a few laughters to share, will be a fond memory for each of us.

I made a simple Ham and Cheese sammies for E today. Use the Wilton's flower shape cutter on Ham for the Lion's mane. Round shape cutters on Cheese for the face. Cut 2 small round shape of Cheese as the nose using a bigger straw. Insert few spagetti strips for the whiskers to complete the Lion.

In the box : I add a few cubes of Pineapples (another E's favourite besides grapes), a grape jelly and a giant grape as usual.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

E brought home a handmade mother's day card from school today. Oh I just love the Blue kitty.

very oriental feeling.. like those paper used for Origami.
I love you too, son. :)
This coming Sunday is Mother's Day, we are planning to spend some family time at the mall and have lunch with my mum, dad and sister.
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums! Enjoy your special day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bento No. 75 - Rilakkuma and friends

Today E's school menu is Macaroni, so I just make a light bento for him.
Made 2 tiny square sammies.
Use a small bear shape cutter on Cheese for Rilakkuma and an oval shape cutter for Kiiroitori.
Rilakkuma's eyes and mouth are nori cut by Carla Craft -Panda facial punch while eyes and feet of Kiiroitori are nori cut by facial expression punch came along with Karaimame's new bento book.
Both Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori's nose, ears and wings are cut by using oval cutter from Karaimame's bento book too.
I should have post the step by step. ok, promise I will do that later.
In the box : some raisins filled in a tiny sauce container and a giant grape.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bento No. 74 - Anpanman to the rescue

Happy Tuesday! Just got back to work after a long weekend. To start the week, I made a fairly easy bento - Anpanman.
I bought some shoulder ham so use the round cutters to on cheese to make the face, cut 3 round shapes on ham to make the nose and cheeks.
In the box : we have ham and Cheese roll and sammies, homemade jelly and some grapes.
E thought it was a clown..haha.. ya.. with the big round nose.. it sure does..

I have some collection on Anpanman too.. will post it up when i open my treasure box again.. :P