Monday, March 28, 2011

Bento No. 66 - Little Miss Daredevil

E requested Mr Men bento again, he wanted a Mr. Grumpy, but I don't have any blue eggsheets. Will KIV his request for the moment, replace it with Little Miss Daredevil.

I replicate the bento from Little Miss E's baby bag. I love this Little Miss Daredevil bag, isn't it cute? :)

Cut the strawberry jam sammies as the base by using a big round cutter, another slice of Cheese as the face on top. Tiny piece of Cheddar Cheese for her hair.

Some white bread for her helmet, and use the Wilton Food Writer to draw the design on the helmet. And again, not a very nice effect on bread too.

Hope E will like his Little Miss Daredevil bento. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bento No. 65 - Mr Happy (Sketch)

Another super zombie Monday without any bento ideas.. I was really not in the mood to cut nori details, so i took out my set of Wilton food writer. Trying to experiment how these food marker pen works on Cheese.

So I choose to sketch Mr Men character - Mr Happy, the result is not too optimistic, the ink sort of smudge on the cheese. Think the pen works best on icing or fondant.

Then I decided not to let E bring this slice of cheese to school, as the teacher might wonder why his mummy use a marker pen to draw on the cheese.

As they might not know they are products such as "edible food colour pen".. hehe..

And the kids might start using their pen drawing on cheese.. I dont want to create that kind of confusion.. or is it just me who are over worried. :P

So I ask E to eat the slice of cheese with bread on his way to school. He seems to like the idea too.. he has started reading the Little Miss books series, and he is asking for the Mr. Men collection. I am still searching for the complete set of books for him.

I made another "normal bento" with Cheese and strawberry jam sandwich rolls.

Add in 2 green stalk pick to the sandwich rolls as Roses.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bento No. 64 - When little Puppy meets Rudolph

I don't have any particular bento ideas today. I just looked at what we have bought from the bakery, we have ham and cheese bun and local kuih Bahulu (some sort of cake made from flour and egg).

Attached two grapes to the bun with spagetti strips as the ears for the puppy. Insert a red jewel pick as the red nose and flower pick on the Kuih Bahulu for the reindeer.

I have posted this to Shannon's WFLW.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bento No. 63 - Fly, Fly, Butterfly

I choose one of the cutters i bought to make a butterfly sammies. Use different size of flower cutters on cheese and colourful soft rice cake to make the patterns.

Insert 2 purple jewel picks for the antenna and some flower picks on the grapes as the flowery garden.

Today E's school reopens after a week long holiday. I am glad he switched back to the normal daily mode quickly this morning.

He has been spending his time playing with his cousins and gluing to his Nintendo DS Lite screen for the whole week.

I told him its time to get back to serious stuff. No more games.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray for Japan

Everyone has been following news on the disaster happened in Japan last Friday. I watched the coastal city being swept away by the giant Tsunami from the news.

It is devastating for the earthquake survivors to witness their own home and family being taken away from them by the earthquake and tsunami.

I almost teared when i saw one heart wrenching photos from CNN that 2 parents went back to the scene and found their daughter's body trapped inside a abandoned school bus.

I can't imagine how will i cope if this happen in our country. I salute the their courage and patience to overcome this difficult times.

And I am so sad to see such a beautiful country of Japan being torn apart by the Tsunami.

And now they are still struggling to solve the nuclear plant leaking problem at Fukushima. You can find updated news at NHK.

Hope I can help as much as I can, we can donate through the International Federation of Red Cross as posted in Sonoma bento's and Maki's blog.

Let's all pray for Japan, hope the country and people will recover from this catastrophe soon.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bento No. 62 - Anpanman

Today I posted a bento made for E on Sunday for his lunch. This time i made an Anpanman Onigiri bento with Tamagoyaki, sausages, cucumber and carrot sticks.
Try on my new anpanman cutter on the egg sheet as the eyes and mouth, and crabsticks for the nose and cheeks.

Anpanman is one of my favourite characters too.. I have quite of big collection of the Anpanman figurines and toys.. ( now still inside "carton boxes" in the storeroom).

I have still have no time to unpack and display them after we move in our house.

Another confession, I have another addiction on collecting cute Japanese characters figurines and toys before i started bentoing.

E clear the bento in seconds. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bento No. 61 - Guardian Angels

Ethan did not request for any particular character in today's bento. So i made a pair of guardian angels. I believe everyone of us are watched over by a guardian angel. Whenever we need help they will be there without us knowing.

I use a small round cap and heart shape cutters to cut sammies for the face and body of the angels.

Insert the flying wings pick and the ring pick as the angels' wings and halo.

2 star shape cheese sammies as the base for placing the angels on top.

We are in a rush this morning so I had to take the picture of the bento in the car.

So thats the reason for the poor quality of the picture and the head of the blue angel being dislocated.. haha.. ( Little Miss E keep poking on the angels, while i struggled to take a picture of it).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bento No. 60 - The not so green Tortoise

Ethan request a Tortoise bento today. I have just bought a box of 50 pcs animal shape cutters, now I have 50 ideas for my bentos..haha.. how convenient.
Luckily I found a tortoise cutters inside the box.
Use the cutters on sammies. Use the same cutter on a slice of cheese for the shell.
Print some square and triangular shape on the cheese as the pattern on the shell.
Add in some cherries and grapes to complete the bento.