Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bento No. 56 - Baby Elephant

E requested a Elephant bento yesterday, I planned to make some blue eggsheets to make a Blue Elephant. However, Little Miss E and Ethan is not feeling well again. (Blame the bad weather).
After i rock Little E to sleep last night, Brother E start calling for me and his forehead was so hot, he had a higher fever.
His fever has subdue this morning. Hope they will recover soon.

I just got to use Cheddar cheese as the Orange Elephant.

I use a big round cutter for the sammies as the face of the Elephant, 2 different sizes of heart shapes cutter to cut cheese as the floppy ears.


  1. Awwww... hope the two cuties receover soon.

    That's a really neat elephant!
    Maybe you can make another blue one next
    time and name it Little Dumbo (a character from Walt Disney)

  2. I hope they are ok tomorrow.

    yea, i was intended to make Dumbo.

  3. Baby elephant is cutie! His ears are from heart shaped cutter? Nice details with matching elephant picks and baran. Hope your kids will get better soon. Weather is so bad too here. Take care :)

  4. Thanks Lia, yeap, use the heart shape cutters to cut out first and use the round cutter to cut into half so to fit to the face.

    and i found the table top elephant mat in a Japanese store too.. love the blue elephant.

    I need your wishes.. hope i wont fell sick too due to lack of sleep.

  5. Hope your kids will recover soon. Take good care yourself too. :)
    Nice elephant sammies with those matching picks, so adorable.

  6. Thanks Emily, brought them to see doc today. hopefully they will be ok soon.

  7. This is so cute! The baby elephant fit so nicely in the Rilakuma bento box! I've been eying for this bento box since long time ago but holding myself from spending, you make me feel like buying it again!!

  8. Love your new rilakkuma box! Very creative with the elephant :).
    Hope your lil ones get better soon... it is so crazy when the kids get sick .

  9. Best wishes for kids quick recovery! Sweet baby elephant bento, so nicely done and coordinated with cute picks, wow!

  10. Ai Ping, it burn a big hole in my purse for the batch of new tools i have..
    But i think its worth it, if our kids like it and we fully utilised it.

    You also make me wanna buy the jigsaw puzzle lunch punch too..haha..

    this is so addictive.

  11. Bar 7 Ranch,Karaimame & Bentobird,

    Thanks so much for your comments and kind wishes. :)

    to update, my kids are feeling better now.. phew..