Monday, August 1, 2011

Angry Bird Birthday Party

Choc pops with icing image
Marshmallow pops

Birthday invitation card and cupcake toppers

Green Pig
Yellow Angry Bird
we don't have black balloons haha.. we have blue and red angry bird balloons too, but they burst before i take the picture..
Ethan's celebrated his 4th birthday party on Sunday night and a school birthday celebration Monday. He is a happy birthday boy as mummy promised to give him Angry Bird birthday party!

I google Angry Bird cupcake and party ideas months ago.. I saw some cupcake toppers free printables from Tip Junkie. I just need to print and cut it out , then attach a stick behind. Found some angry bird free printables for balloons from Tip Junkie too. It's fun.. you should try it!

I spent the whole Sunday morning and afternoon making the cupcakes, choc pops and Marshmallow pops. Its tiring, but it feels so great after seeing the final outcome. They are just too cute.

E's cousins and his classmates was impressed with the Angry Bird cupcake presentation and love the choc pops and marshmallow pops too.. who could resist them with the cute Toy story and Mickey icing images on top rite? :)

To make Ethan's birthday party a success, I want to say Thank you to my dear bento friends - Kidsdreamwork and Bento Fun, who give me the inspirations and are so kind to help me get the cute Mickey Mouse clubhouse cupcake stand, choc pops mould and icing image. They are both talented wonderful mums that i got to know when I started bento making. :)

I am happy that I manage to give Ethan a happy birthday memory and my boy is so proud of his mummy.. :)


  1. What a lovely Angry Bird theme party and look at how much the effort that you've put in to prepare all the cupcakes, chocolate pops and the marshmallow pops! I'm sure Ethan is a really happy birthday boy! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Ethan. You're amazing! can prepare so many things on one day. You're a great Mom!

  3. How adorable! Looks like a fantastic party :D Happy Birthday to Ethan!

  4. Hi Ai Ping, yea.. all the hardwork and preparation pays off in the end..:) and thanks for sharing the idea of the choc pops with icing image, it is really a great and quick idea to make party goodies! I love the buzz Lightyear icing image..

  5. Thanks Anncoo, its was really a hectic day.. actually i should have prepare the pops a day before.. :)

  6. Thanks Jenn, I am relieved it all went well.. I am glad i didn't mess up the pops and cupcakes.. haha..

  7. What a grand birthday! Happy Belated Birthday to Ethan! He must be the happiest boy!
    I can imagine the amount of work involved!
    Btw, where did you get that 'lastic' from???
    My D has been asking me to make him one! o.O
    He also requested for Angry Birds theme for his birthday!

  8. Thanks Alice..:) hehe.. all the kids love angry birds now...
    i bought the elastic band (it comes with the huge green pig) at a mall here.. I can help you get one.. i did not give ethan play, as i am afraid he will shoot the green pig at her sister..haha..
    its for deco only.

    do you want the angry bird cupcake toppers also?

  9. wow...what a great and fun birthday party. Happy belated birthday to Ethan. :)
    You did a very good work on those cake and the chocolate decorations, so nice and so beautiful. Well done! ^^

  10. Handsome boy!Great birthday ideas! Good job mummy!

  11. What a fun party. We love angry birds too. Looks like it was a big hit. I am a new follower from Sun Scholars. Vicky from

  12. Hi Vicky , thanks for dropping your nice comments..:)