Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bento No. 19 - Toy Story : Emperor Zurg

The Villain - Emperor Zurg

Last week, I made The Little Green Men from Toy story for my boy's bento.

He then requested to make Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

However the next day he changed his mind, he wanted the the bad guy instead.

I know there is this villain, but i don't know his name. So I google for it and found its called " Emperor Zurg".

I told E, and he is very happy I am going to make Emperor Zurg for his bento today. :)

Intially I planned to make some colour eggsheets, but I am bit busy due to little Miss E is feeling cranky due to flu. So I use the simpler alternative buy cutting nori sheets to make the villain.

slice a bit of crab meat for the shrug and eyes.

And of course, E ate all of the them in the bento.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bento No. 18 - Sushi and Onigiri Bento

I am a Jap food lover, so I love Sushi, Sashimi ...

However, this is the first time I make Sushi myself, keke.

Made some Tuna Mayo and California roll sushi for Sunday lunch. Myself, sis and mum finish all the sushi.. yummy.

I cut a few Sushi to make a bento for E and make one Onigiri too.

But E does not really fancy sushi.

Bento No. 17 - Merdeka Day Onigiri Boys

Tried my hands on some onigiri and coloured them. Add Soy sauce to the brown onigiri boy, and tomato sauce for the orange onigiri boy.

I cut a small piece of cucumber, carrot and sausage for the hair of the onigiri

Make 2 carrot Tulip flower to place on top of the omelete.

As our Malaysia National Day falls on 31st August, I themed the bento Merdeka Day ( Independence Day).

The 3 different colour onigiri boy represents the multi-racial community in our country, hope we all live in harmony as always.They each carried a flag to represent their state too.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bento No. 16 - Animals in a box

My E has been requesting bread for his breakfast for the past few days. He asked for Kaya ( paste made from coconut milk and Egg) to spread on the bread.

So I just make a quick and simple sandwiches using the cutters I have. We have rabbits, frog and bear in the box.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bento No. 15 - Pandan Swissroll Snail

I practically run out of ideas for E's bento on Monday, so I just copied other bento mum's idea on making a snail.

Bought some Pandan Swissroll as the shell of the Snail, put 2 spagetti strips as its antenna and cheese as eyes.
Another layer of the Bento is usually some fruits, this time few slices of Lemon and Kiwi, some honey stars and gummies.

Bento No. 14 - Toy Story : The Little Green Men

I always tried to make some different bentos during weekends when I have more free time.
This Sunday I planned to make the Little Green Men with Quail Eggs. I love Buzz light year and these green Aliens from Toy Story.
After picking up tips on how to colour the Quail eggs from other Bento mums, I give myself a try.
I grab some food colouring from my Mum's kitchen, as she has tonnes of this as she is a home professional baker.
Dip some blue and green colour in seperate bowl of plain water, keep rotating the eggs.

It turn out a nice green for the head and Blue for the outfit for the Little Green Men.
However, I did not cut the black dots for the eyes as I am rushing to go out.
So it does not look perfect like in the picture as i intially planned.

My Boy ate all of them while I clear the left overs of the Quail eggs.

After this bento, E starts to request a Theme for his next Bento. He asked for Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Oh dear, I better start prepare for my next challenge. :)

I realised sometimes when I upload the my pics on my blog, the pic rotate vertically, but i cant find the function to rotate it back, any advice anyone?

A pause in my daily life...

I know i have not been posting these few days.. as I am down with fever and diarrhea.. Its the bad weather, i think.

And mummy is the last person who can fall sick in the world, as we are the pillars to the family. I felt so helpless when I can't even sit or stand, not to mention carry my baby and take care of my boy.

Thank God, I feel better after resting on my bed, for the whole day.

I am on cloud nine yesterday when i drop my boy to his school, his teacher commented on the bentos I made for E to school. She said I am so creative in those bentos.

I felt my work is being appreciated, and that was a nice feeling and motivation for me to continue my bento journey ...

So be patient for my upcoming bentos..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New Toys..

After 2 disappointed attempt in my search for bento gadgets in Daiso and 100 yen shop.

I went to the 2nd Daiso outlet, to my surprise.. I got the stuff i wanted.


Bento No. 13 - Simple bread bento

I have bought some new bento gadgets from another Daiso outlet last Sunday. So happy to see those cute animal food barans and picks, I just grab and load up my basket without hesitation. haha.

So I use the 4 in 1 bread cutter to make a cat, a bear and a heart shape jam and cheese bread for E's school break.

In another layer of bento box, i put in few slices of golden kiwi, cherries and some honey stars.

I manage to get a musical note nori cutter, i cut it into half to make the eyes and the ears of the bear. While i cut the eyes of the cat free hand.

Still looking for the shoe puncher and other carla craft puncher for the facial expression.

If i have one of those, it saves my time in cutting the eyes and mouth.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Japanese Food = Oishi

Bento No. 12 - Buzz Buzz Honey Bee

Today my boy's bento theme is based on the artwork he brought home from school yesterday. The little Honey bee is adorable, I asked E whether he wants it for his bento tomorrow and he agrees.

Its bread and cheese again for his breakfast, I have to come out with other food variation for him before he is bored.

Add a few alphabet biscuits for a spelling Bee lesson. :)
oh yes, sprinkle some M & M treats for him occasionally, i have no doubt that he will eat all the M & Ms first in his bento.

I should have added some carrot or fruit flowers in the bento, will do that in future.

Brain not really functioning well as I am exhausted after work and Yoga class today.

I made the bread bento after tug my 2 Es in bed, I can concentrate more without much distraction from my Big E and Small E.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bento No. 11 - Pokemon Series Pikachu

I came accross a bento tutorial on how to make a simple Pikachu. Since I have white bread and cheese, i use it as a practice.
My son has a pokemon ball toy from Mc Donalds, which is exactly like this.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bento No. 10 - Ultraman breakfast

I came accross Ultraman made from Quail eggs from a blogpost, i give it a try on Saturday morning for my boy's breakfast.
He loves Ultraman too.. actually he loves all the superheroes, you name it, he likes it.. Superman, Spiderman, Batman.. the list goes on..
He ate all the quail eggs again, as well as the sausages and the omelet.

Bento No. 9 - Wiggly Caterpillar

I bought a few butterfly silicon cups from Daiso last week, so i try to make the caterpillar using bread origini.

Looks like a caterpillar wriggling through to have a bite on the grapes and kiwi..

When my boy brought home his artwork today, it was caterpillars. What a coincidence.. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bento No. 8 - Bento Boy

There is a portion of cheese left in the fridge after cutting for other shapes.. so i think it fits the hair of a boy.

So i decide to make simple face of a little boy..

Dab some raspberry jam for the red cheeks and few slices of golden kiwi and orange.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Ethan boy

Ethan just turned 3 on 1st August. Me and hubby brought his favourite Ben 10 birthday cake ( yes, every boy loves Ben 10) and some goodies pack to his school to celebrate.

The yummy Butter Raisin cake is made by his grandma ( my mum).

Here are some photos of my cheeky boy.

My Bento Starter Kit

To start making bentos, i went bento shopping at Daiso and 100 yen shop recently. And here is what i got.

Bento No. 7 - Mini Bread Onigiri

I tried making some bread onigiri. However it did not turn out to be as round as i thought.. it looks like quail egg instead..haha.

Still need practice and need some advice from other bento mums too..

Bento No. 6 - Cars Honk! Honk!

My boy celebrated his birthday at school last friday. He received a present from a friend, its a Lego. He loves it so much as his favourite toy is Blocks.
As its a Lego car and petrol station, I thought of making cars with bread.

I add in a few biscuits with alphabet C A R too.. spelling lesson in a bento box. Add few slices of oranges and grapes to complete the bento.

I saw this somewhere in other bento mums blog, and i think this is a good idea to teach our kids too..