Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bento No.38 - Cat Love Fish

Made some Strawberry jam sammies by using the animal sandwich cutter, I choose the cat and heart shape.
Cut a few fishes using layered cheese. The cat grin widely as he got to eat his favourite fishes. :)
Overlapped two kind of cheese as the heart, meaning the cat LOVE the fishes..
Added some grapes and some biscuits for E too.
Have been busy and down with flu bugs lately. Luckily I still manage to post one bento at Shannon's WFLW. Hehe..


  1. Love the cat and love the stripes fish! They are so cute :) Hope your flu will go away soon.

  2. Lia, Thanks. yea.. hope the flu will go away soon..

  3. Take good care & recover fast fast..hehe. :)
    The cat is cute. I haven't try with layered cheese..should try one fine day..haha.

  4. Adorable kitty, I love this idea! Feel better soon, Bobo!!

  5. Thanks everyone, I think I will be fine soon with all your well wishes.. just still have a bit of stomach ache and gastric.

  6. I made strawberry jam sammies too today! :D
    Lovely kitty and like the double coloured fishes too! Hope you get well soon!

  7. Ai Ping, Thanks. I like your Echo Echo too..
    ya.. must get well soon.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  8. Hi hi! Cute kitty n fish! Like the stacked cheese colour very much! I didnt receive yr email leh! Wanna re-send?

    Hope you are better now! Take care ya. :)

  9. Hi Karen, Thanks. :) the layered/Stacked cheese is very handy. I made one block weeks ago.. and i still have some left.. gonna make another block soon.

    I feel better already. Have a great weekend!