Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bento No. 43 - Ben 10 series - Echo Echo

Today E starts school again, and its time i pull out my bento gadgets (after blowing away the dust after setting aside for a month. haha).
I finally make my first Ben 10 Alien force bento for E, as promised for ages. Made the easiest one first - Echo Echo (used to be his favourite toy, you can see how the toys was handled.. boys will be boys).
Made strawberry jam sandwich, cut out the face of the Echo Echo, Cheese for the eyes and mouth. Use a round cutter to cut some nori sheets and cheese to make the ben 10 logo on Echo Echo's chest.
Add in a few homemade Jelly too.
Hope my bento cheer him up a bit, he is reluctant to go to school after a long break. When i ask him : " Do you know what did i made you today?" He looked at it, and shake his head.
Oh my, I guess my Echo Echo is not even close to the real one. But he seems happy as i explained to him its Ben 10 bento.
Added this to Shannon's WLFW, have you?


  1. Happy New Year!!!!!

    Woooh! Been a looong time I did not pop by... hehehe was away and has been LAZY! :P

    I have no idea about Ben10 since my son is not a fancee but I must say it was a good try! I always love to work with bread! I think if you have put the cheese on nori and cut it out then it will look clearer on the white bread. :P

  2. Poor Ethan..he will get used to school again soon. Don't worry. :)Looks like you got a lot of new gadgets oh..


  3. Happy New Year to you too, Alice. yea.. me too.. have been taking a looong break from bentoing..haha..

    Miss your cute bentos too.. :)

    yea.. thanks for the advise, I will take note, its the outline that makes it stand out right?

  4. Chris, he is a cry baby lah.. dont know what happen to him.

    yes, i better fully utilised my tools by making more bentos.