Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bento No. 81 - Kung Fu Panda - Lord Shen

As promised earlier, I made a Lord Shen bento for my boy. I know Lord Shen is lot more elegant than my version. He is supposed to be a Peacock i think.
Hope my E will like it. :)

In case you are wondering what did I use for those red stripes at the end of the fan, its strips trimmed from strawberry gummy bears! hehe..

The Lord Shen toy are from Mac Donalds. Yeah.. i know its unhealthy, thats why i rarely bring my kids for fast food, actually E is more interested in the toys than the meals. :)


  1. Wow, that is amazing!! Can't imagine you cut those freehand! Salute!

  2. hi Ai Ping.. you make me blushed.. you are the one good in free hand nori cutting..haha..
    I cut the details free hand by exacto knife and scissors except for the fan, i use cutter on cheese.

  3. i think i had to buy x-acto knife..my knife from daiso can't cut nori like that! I had to learn cutting from you, Bobo..

  4. Thanks Yuli, actually my knife is bought from Daiso too. the one with a very sharp end, think it is meant for art and craft. but have to be carefully, we dont want a cut on our finger..hehe.