Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

He likes Gingy and the talking Donkey in Shrek movie.

Rollercoaster in Galactica was temporarily closed due to technical inspection.

Cute Shrek and the family cushions.

Fairy Godmother Potion Shop, there is a souvenir shop and a mini Ferris wheel inside.

Welcome to the Far far away Castle

Shrek's hut

Beware! Ogre!

We had lunch at the Frair's outlet, I loved this Woody Lunch Box that comes with the Kid's meal.

He chose his new Shrek Cap.

yay! M & Ms

And Jelly Beans

I am lost in the Candy Land

Our cute and sexy Betty Boo

Madagascar Carousel


  1. Looks so fun! Will sure try to find a day and bring my boys there!

  2. yea..Bring your boys there someday, but some of the rides are not suitable for younger kids. But they will be happy to see many cute characters there.