Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bento No. 42 - Dancing Snowman,

A cute Hello Kitty Christmas Cookie from little E's baby sitter, so sweet.

A little twin star Christmas Decoration with light and Jingle Bell song I bought some time ago.

I know I have been missing from my blog for a while.. haha.. As my boy is having his school holidays, he will be at my mum's house and having his breakfast there.
So I can sleep a little more each morning for a month..:) ( feeling bit guilty for confessing I am being lazy)
But I just can't do without a Christmas Bento at all. So I just make a simple snack Christmas bento.
A sandwich Snowman with a top hat cut from layered cheese. His eyes, mouth and buttons are from nori. However I take a shortcut using different colour jewel picks for his red nose, green bow tie and blue arms.
Beside the Snowman, is another musical Christmas tree. Just decorate with different musical notes picks that I just bought. The Snowman is dancing along the Festive songs.
With this, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year !


  1. It's so festive! I love the layered cheese! Don't worry, I've been being lazy too! ^_^

  2. OhayoBento: Thanks, My boy starts school again next Monday.. woo hoo..that means i got to start bento making again..:)