Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bento 80 - Kung Fu Panda - Po

Hello everyone! we are back, E has back to school today! As Kung Fu Panda 2 hit the box office during the school break, every kids in town will be talking about Kung Fu Panda.

We brought Big E and little Miss E to MacDonald's, as they have Kung Fu Panda toys comes with the Happy Meal.

So to cheer him up on his first day of school after a 2 weeks break. I promised to make him a Po bento. Drop in a few alphabets PANDA for spelling lesson too.

And he loves it! My next challenge will be Lord Shen! We'll see.


  1. Nice Po bento. Yah...every kids talking about Kung Fun Panda 2 now..heheh. We enjoyed the show a lot. :)

  2. Thanks Emily, haha..even myself love the movie too! Po is cute!

  3. Happy back to school and what a cute bento! Yet to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with my boys :)

  4. Hi Ai Ping.. Happy back to school and back to bento blog! hehe..

  5. The Po is really cute.. Just love it!