Sunday, June 12, 2011

Orange Poppy seeds cupcake with fondant icing

I tried making some cupcakes during the weekend, and made some fondant icing too. Thanks to my parents for helping to babysit my 2 little tykes. I share some pictures on my first experiment on cupcakes below. ;)

I think they are a bit overbaked, there are cracks on the surface.

Icing sugar sieved to make the fondant

Mixture of dissolved Liquid Glucose, Gelatin and a drop of red colouring for making pink fondant

Pour the liquid into the icing sugar and mix well. Knead till it gets soft and sticky.

Roll a piece of fondant

Use any cup or round cutter on fondant for the base on the cupcake.

For making piggy, cut few small round shapes for the ears and nose

Here is my first fondant piggy

and some bunnies


  1. Sooo cute for the kick off trial Florence! Oh, I wish I had talent in baking :D

  2. Thanks Tata! Its great in trying.. and learn and improve from there.
    Have you ever try to bake?