Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bento No. 90 - Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine

I bet you will be not surprised to see another bento with " Eggs", Ethan loves eggs.
Recently he has rejected bread, so i just have to replace it by hard boiled eggs.
The eggs are quite big, so I cut them into half so he can eat them easier. The round yellow egg yolk looks like the bright sun to me.. I made sun glasses for Mr. Sunshine too. Weather are very hot and sunny recently, so sun shade is a must. :)
Inside box are also a few grapes and pineapple cube.


  1. Hi, Bobo.... i like your egg which wear glasses. it's so cool... are you cut it with puncher? hehehehe

  2. Hi Oen Priyanto, Thanks for dropping by.
    hehe.. the sunglasses is nori cut by puncher.
    I join two oval shape with an eyebrow.. got it?

  3. What a sunny day feel bento! Cute! :D

  4. Thanks Ai Ping, Have a Happy Sunshine day!