Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bento No. 14 - Toy Story : The Little Green Men

I always tried to make some different bentos during weekends when I have more free time.
This Sunday I planned to make the Little Green Men with Quail Eggs. I love Buzz light year and these green Aliens from Toy Story.
After picking up tips on how to colour the Quail eggs from other Bento mums, I give myself a try.
I grab some food colouring from my Mum's kitchen, as she has tonnes of this as she is a home professional baker.
Dip some blue and green colour in seperate bowl of plain water, keep rotating the eggs.

It turn out a nice green for the head and Blue for the outfit for the Little Green Men.
However, I did not cut the black dots for the eyes as I am rushing to go out.
So it does not look perfect like in the picture as i intially planned.

My Boy ate all of them while I clear the left overs of the Quail eggs.

After this bento, E starts to request a Theme for his next Bento. He asked for Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Oh dear, I better start prepare for my next challenge. :)

I realised sometimes when I upload the my pics on my blog, the pic rotate vertically, but i cant find the function to rotate it back, any advice anyone?


  1. It is always such a great feeling when out kids appreciate our effort isn't it? That's what keep me going on with my bento journey! :)
    By the way, your little green mens are little cuties :D

  2. Ai Ping, thanks. Yes, no matter how sleepy I am last night, I pull myself up from bed to go to the kitchen to make his bento..
    Thats how strong is the motivation from my Son.

  3. cute, if my sons see them, sure he will ask me to make for him. Thanks for sharing this.
    First visit to your awesome pretty & nice.I love the header logo picture on top of the many adorable animals. Love it.
    For the rotation problem, I think you will need to rotate the photo before you upload to the post.

  4. That's very cute...great ideas!!
    from sis

  5. Wow Bobo! I love these little green men! They are one of my favorites in Toy Story. The CLAW! :) You did a great job.

  6. Hi Emily, welcome to my blog. The blog backgroud i just select one of the templates from the blogger website. I saw those cute animals can be the ideas of our bento also rite?

    About the photo, my photo is alright before i upload to blog, it just turn this way after loaded on the website. still scratching my head how to fix this. :)

  7. Sis, Thanks for the encouragement.

    Sonoma Bento: Thanks! ya.. I love they said " ohh..." haha.
    My boy asked me to make the villain in the Toy Story. I dont know whats its name, it looks like Darth Vader in Star Wars.
    I will try this weekend, hopefully I will manage to make it look alike.

  8. Those little green men are so kawaii!
    I am never good with eggs and since my son don't really like to eat hard boiled eggs, I seldom include in his bento. He likes sunny side up as he likes to lick the gooey yolk!

  9. The color on those aliens is gorgeous! They are so cute!!

  10. Ohayo Bento & Karla T : Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  11. Angeleyes : Thanks for the compliment! My boy doesnt eat hard boiled eggs too, so i tried quail eggs and let him dip some soy sauce and he loves it since then. since your son eat sunny side up, so doesnt matter its hard boiled or fried. :)