Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bento No. 79 - Rilakkuma pocket sammies

Happy Monday! I hope today is a happy for all, as mine is not the case. Little Miss E has fever for the past few days.. still have fever on and off after taking medicine..

well.. I hope she will recover soon. If not I need to take a day off from work tomorrow.

Running out of ideas, I choose my back up plan - Rilakkuma.. hehe..

We have some left over Chicken breast meat from dinner tonight. I made a shredded breast meat and cheese pocket sammies for E.

Spread the shredded chicken breast on a piece of bread, place a piece of cheese on top. Cover them up with another piece of bread (after cutting a bear shape in the middle, in this case i make Rilakkuma), then seal it.

E loves eggs whether sunny side up or hard boiled. I seldom pack eggs in his bento as i find its difficult for him to consume during his 20 mins break. So I bought some quail eggs, smaller in size ,easier for him to pop in his mouth..haha..

I made Kiroiitori with a quail egg (idea from Karenmama's bento book).

Inside the box: another half piece of quail egg and some grapes.


  1. Happy Monday too Florence! Yeah, high five to you, Monday is always exhausting for me. I had to teach 5 classes today. Wish the Little E gets much way better right now. Cute sammies... and I really like your little hen, so so adorable ^^

  2. Thanks Tata! high five!
    wow 5 classes in a day is quite a lot...
    take care of your voice too..:)
    and I am relieved my Little E is better, no more fever..

  3. Glad she feels better!
    SO cute Rilakkuma!!

  4. That Rilakkuma is so adorable!!! What a fun lunch :D

  5. Thanks, Sheri and Jenn for your sweet comments. :)

  6. Adorable and cheerful bento! Rilakkuma is always a fav of mine and this is such a delightful version!!

  7. The Rilakkuma is cute! I have never try to make any Rilakkuma bento before, may be I should try to make one next time...hehe.

  8. I hope she feels better soon! Rilakkuma is soooo sweet :)

  9. Love the little hen...sis

  10. Hi Heather, Eunice is as cheerful as always now.. whew..

  11. Thanks Jenn and Emily, glad you like my Rilakkuma bento.