Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bento No. 45 - Ghibli Collection : My Neighbour Totoro

My version of Totoro ><
The famous Cat Bus and Totoro

Little sister Mei was sick, Totoro was accompanying queitly beside them waiting for bus.

I made a Ghibli Themed bento - My neighbour Totoro.
Since I have some Banana cake, I can use it as the body of Totoro, use the smaller round cutter to cute some bread for the chest. Cheese and Nori for the eyes, nose, mouth and details on Totoro's chest.
Studio Ghibli was created by Japanese Animator - Hayao Miyazaki. He has created many famous anime that was released in movie. " My Neighbour Totoro" was a classic, other anime that i like are " Spirited Away ", " Laputa- Castle in the sky" and recently the " Ponyo".
I love his anime for the amazing storyline with some morals and real issue we face daily (like global warming, family relationship etc). Especially there is always a little girl charater in the anime who is so cute and innocent that touches our heart. Oh and the beautiful soundtrack too.
I have watched almost every anime in Ghibli collection. So I am one of those die hard fans of Ghibli/ Miyazaki.
This story is about two young sisters' adventure after moving to the countryside with the father due to the bed-riden mother. In the forest is where they meet the giant Totoro (Cat/Owl) creature which only can be seen by young children. And also they meet the Cat bus who help them travel back to visit their mother. Oh, and the little black dust bunnies only be seen by the baby sister Mei.
oops..I think i got carried away....
So today's bento is actually a recap of my favourite childhood movie. So E has not much idea of what is Totoro, he had only watched part of it when he was very young. Maybe i should let him watch again as he would understand the story more now.
Have added this bento to Shannon's WFLW week 33, have you added yours?


  1. nice bento & great story, Florence. :) I love to watch Totoro too.

  2. Yes, Totoro is also my fav anime. Good job and looks just like it.
    sis, christina

  3. This is AMAZING! You've really captured the charm of Totoro here, I'm so impressed!

  4. Thanks for the compliments,Jenn. :)

  5. Emily, Thanks. what is your favourite Ghibli movie?

  6. This is so cute! You made a perfect Totoro and I like those little mushrooms you made a lot! :)

  7. Thanks Ai Ping, however the mushrooms are bought not made by me..haha..

  8. Great job on Tontoro!!!

    You bought the chocorooms!!! I was looking for them and found them in the Japanese grocers but they are expensive!!! Since I still have 'A LOT' read that cap!!! of chocolates so I decided to KIV that first. :P

  9. This is great, thank you! I was wondering how I could do an easy Totoro myself so thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. How fabulous! I love Miyazaki's films and that is such a clever idea to use the banana cake for Totoro. :)

  11. Alice, Thank you! haha.. i came across them shopping at the kids dept at OG, Bugis in Singapore. I thought they were cute, so got a packet.

    Believe me, they are not expensive..haha.. you can consider adding to your stock..wakaka..

  12. Hello Uniflame, thanks for dropping by. Good to know they were many Miyazaki fans around.

    I will try to make other characters from his anime in future.

  13. Hi Krysta, Glad that you like my Totoro. So hope you will give it a try sometime.

  14. Hi, I've been reading your blog but never said hello.

    This is such an awesome bento and idea to use banana cake to make Totoro!

    I must try it one day. Tks for sharing and pls don;t stop bento-ing!

    Take care!

  15. hello tona-mama! Thanks so much, this means so much to me.

    I have been reading your blog too.. kimi is a cutie!

    you too, dont stop bentoing..:)

  16. So cute! I love making kyaraben/charaben. ^^

  17. great banana cake idea!!!

  18. Thanks Clara! thanks for dropping by my blog!