Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bento No. 75 - Rilakkuma and friends

Today E's school menu is Macaroni, so I just make a light bento for him.
Made 2 tiny square sammies.
Use a small bear shape cutter on Cheese for Rilakkuma and an oval shape cutter for Kiiroitori.
Rilakkuma's eyes and mouth are nori cut by Carla Craft -Panda facial punch while eyes and feet of Kiiroitori are nori cut by facial expression punch came along with Karaimame's new bento book.
Both Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori's nose, ears and wings are cut by using oval cutter from Karaimame's bento book too.
I should have post the step by step. ok, promise I will do that later.
In the box : some raisins filled in a tiny sauce container and a giant grape.


  1. Cute sammies... Oh I wanna have Rilakkuma cutter ^^

  2. Hi Tata, Thanks! you don't have to get a Rilakkuma cutter, i just use the bear and oval shape cutters from Daiso. hehe..

  3. This week I am so uninspired! hahaha
    Though I have some carrot bread (bright yellow) and thought of making many things but nothing came out! heheheh

    Maybe I should do some Rilakkuma and Kiitori after looking at your post. hehe

  4. Hi Alice, maybe you still need to replenish your beauty sleep..:)
    Hope my simple bento would give you some inspiration..
    Rilakkuma saves me during those uninspired days.. it is really easy to make. :P

  5. Beautifully done! I love the gentle, happy feel of this Rilakkuma (and friends) bento!!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments, Jenn. :)