Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bento No. 2 : A fun day at beach and Banana Boat

As I know my boy will be having noodle on today's morning break menu, I will not prepare bread for his bento.

Instead, I decide to make him a Fruity Bento.
When I saw a bunch of bananas lying on the dining table, Banana boat was the first thing that came across my mind.
hmm.. I am going to make a bento with the Beach theme.. like a sunny Sunday at the beach.. relaxing under the umbrella while the kids enjoy themselves under the Sun.. :)

I use the banana as the boat ( quite straight forward), then different animal food picks as little kids riding on the banana boat , and a ring of grape as their lifebouy..

the slice of banana cut off from the base is use as a sand bay.. i choose the paper cups as the umbrella..

Steal some of my boy's Little Panda biscuits with Panda playing beach ball and excercising.. to make it merrier...

Pure happiness of kids have fun on the beach right?

sometimes I think each Bento is an Art itself.. it has its own story..

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