Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stumble upon - Bentoing

I need to write about how and why I start Bentoing right? :)

I stumble upon a website regarding Child preschool education, Motessori vs Fungates.

The blogger is a Bento lover! After i read her blog and see all the pictures she uploaded on the bento she made for her boy every morning touch my heart..

I say to myself.. Hey, I could do this to.. I think there is no other better ways to show our love for our child..

and here my Bento journey begins...


  1. Glad that my blog brings you to bento world :D
    I have one more bento friend! Wish you a great time bento-ing and a fun time with your boy!

  2. ya Ai Ping, out of million website ,i stumble upon your website.. and you led me into the Bento world..

    I think its because we both are working mums..
    your blog give me the ideas on making speedy bento in wee hours in the morning or late at night when my little babies are asleep..

    I dont the luxurious of time to make cute charaben, maybe only when i have time during weekends.

    I think Mummy is the greatest in the world.. no doubt about that..