Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bento No. 3 : Little Piggy Doughnut

I found that the eyes are important features of the characters in Bento.. I cant find the shoe puncher for the facial features in Daiso..think i have to buy online..

So i use cheese instead..but seems not lively enough...

hmm.. maybe i should try my freehand cutting on the seaweed for the eyes next time.

I bought some mini doughnuts my son loves, two pieces of grapes as ears, two mentos as rosy cheek and slice of grape again (yup, my son's favourite fruit) for the smile...

yet another too simple Bento i make.. I will ganbate..

will practice on some Quill eggs and sausages when i have more time during the weekends..

Ethan doesn't eat hard boiled eggs, so i am trying my luck on Quill eggs..

Hopefully i can make it cute enough to encourage him to eat them..hehe..

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