Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bento No. 5 - 3 little Miss Quail have fun on the boat

As Ethan does not fancy hard boiled eggs, I am thinking of give it a try on Quill eggs instead.
i bought some quail eggs and mini sausages during my grocery shopping today.
so i decided to use both of them for Ethan's Bento.
The food pick looks like 3 different colours ribbon on the 3 little Miss Quail eggs.. and they are happily enjoying themselves on a boat.
Few octopus are floating by to have a peek on the 3 pretty ladies..haha..
This also reminds me of my 2 younger sisters.. Hope we can have fun together sometime. :)
oh ya.. i got to mention, Ethan ate the Quail eggs.. Yipee.. but only after he dip the quail eggs with some maggi soy sauce..
I am still happpy that one more choice added on his menu now..
mission accomplished..


  1. Glad that you bento do a good trick for your boy to eat quail eggs! Maybe after that you can try hard boiled eggs? :D

  2. yes, will try on the big ones.. but not sure he will finish the whole egg. The maggi sauce helps i guess.