Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bento No. 51 - Baby Koala Bear

I have been planning to make a Valentine's Day theme bento, however i got to change to plan B as my prince (ya..E called himself "Prince" yesterday.. i couldn't believe my ears and i make fun of him for the whole day) requested a Koala Bear bento.
However i still place a mini heart on the baby koala, so I think it still count as a
Valentine's bento? :)
I scratched my head and try to imagine how to make a koala from my wholemeal bread.
I pull out my tray of cutters, choose a bear cutter for the face, 2 diff sizes of flower cutter as the ears, oval shape for the body and 2 oblong shape cutters for the arms and legs.
I place a slice of cheese on the sandwich as background for contrast. Carefully arrange the different shapes cut from sammies on the Cheese and pin it down with short spagetti strips.
While Koala Bear needs a tree to hang on, so I use the bread crust that i trimmed just now to recycle as the tree trunk, slot in a few leafy picks.. tata.. a tree is done.
As I run out of E favourite grapes, i added a jello and gummy as a treat.


  1. Baby koala is soooo cute! I wanted to make a koala too but I did not buy any bread so gotta KIV the idea again.

  2. This is adorable and I am sure it was fun to eat;)

  3. Alice, Thanks. You will see many real Koalas soon.. :)

  4. Bar 7 Ranch, Amy & Kellybmomof3, thanks for all your kind comments. :)

    I am glad my Koala bear turns out ok too..

  5. That koala is just *too* cute!