Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bento No. 52 & 53- Bentos on Lazy Days

A simple Tuna Sandwich using the pocket sammies cutter. Cut a bear and a rabbit Cheese face and stick it one.

Just use different shape cutters you got to cut mini sammies and use nori cutters to add some facial expression on it.
These are the few bentos that i made during those lazy days (usually Mondays), and i just don't have any bento ideas at that time. Thus i called them lazy bentos. :)


  1. hahhaa... yeah, those lazy days...
    I don't even bother taking photos if that happens!

  2. Love that you put a cute details on the top of the sammies. Looks wonderful!

  3. Thanks Lia, Thats the least I can do to decorate my sammies. :)

  4. Alice, yea.. i don't intend to post the bentos too..but since i take the photos, might as well share to others..haha