Monday, February 28, 2011

Bento No. 58 - Oracle Paul the Octopus

I am glad that E always request for a theme for his bento nowadays, and this save my time of thinking what to make.

He asked for a Octopus this time round. haha.. I am quite happy to hear that as its quite easy to make.

Use a small round cutter to cut cheese as the face and oblong cutters to cut eight of his tentacles. I asked E to count how many arms does the Octopus have too.

Placed the Octopus on sammies for contrast.

I make Paul the Octopus that predicted the World Cup results. You can see his eyes is a bit blurry as he has predicted so many games, need to stay awake to watch the games maybe..aha.. :)

Add in some grapes and Strawberries for him too.


  1. That's a cute Paul!
    I have that Rilakkuma box too but still hesitate to use it as I was afraid my boy will drop it and break the cover :P

  2. Alice..yea.. Pay tribute to the Belated Octopus Paul..hehe..

    I think its not that fragile isnt it?

    hope my boy will handle with care. ;)

  3. Looks easy enough :) It is fun ^^