Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bento No. 63 - Fly, Fly, Butterfly

I choose one of the cutters i bought to make a butterfly sammies. Use different size of flower cutters on cheese and colourful soft rice cake to make the patterns.

Insert 2 purple jewel picks for the antenna and some flower picks on the grapes as the flowery garden.

Today E's school reopens after a week long holiday. I am glad he switched back to the normal daily mode quickly this morning.

He has been spending his time playing with his cousins and gluing to his Nintendo DS Lite screen for the whole week.

I told him its time to get back to serious stuff. No more games.


  1. Happy Back to school to you and E!
    I have that same cutter too!
    Did you get that from Wilton???

    Talking about playing during holidays... mine was the same... whole day stuck to the PC or tablets!

  2. Same to you Alice! what a good feeling to make bento again right?

    i think that set of 50 pc animal cutters is from Wilton, but i bought it at a bakery supplies shop in Singapore.

    yea.. kids now are so into these stuffs..

  3. Very creative way to decorate the butterfly! Kids nowadays are playing too much games and doing less in sport or physical activities. My kids do the same thing too if they are on holiday :D

  4. Thanks Lia. Yes, we have been holding back to get him a Nintendo DS for sometime. but you know everykid almost have one nowadays.. and he saw the cousins playing.So we have to get him one. But restrict the time playing it.

    I wish i have more time to bring him outdoors too.