Monday, March 28, 2011

Bento No. 66 - Little Miss Daredevil

E requested Mr Men bento again, he wanted a Mr. Grumpy, but I don't have any blue eggsheets. Will KIV his request for the moment, replace it with Little Miss Daredevil.

I replicate the bento from Little Miss E's baby bag. I love this Little Miss Daredevil bag, isn't it cute? :)

Cut the strawberry jam sammies as the base by using a big round cutter, another slice of Cheese as the face on top. Tiny piece of Cheddar Cheese for her hair.

Some white bread for her helmet, and use the Wilton Food Writer to draw the design on the helmet. And again, not a very nice effect on bread too.

Hope E will like his Little Miss Daredevil bento. :)


  1. That is such a cute Little Miss Devil!
    I must agree that the Wilton food pens are not that nice as the tips are too fat.

    I found another but they are out of stock but will try to check if they have restock.

  2. Thanks Alice.

    Actually the reason i bought the wilton food pens is to save my time of making colour eggsheets.

    well, it does not help much in this case..hehe..

    if you found any better pens, do let me know ya?

  3. Cute indeed! Nice design on the helmet too :)

  4. Thanks Lia. :)

    Glad that E did not reject my cutie girlie bento..

    so I still can make some cutie bento until I start making bento for little Miss E.

  5. Wow, so nice! And it is so creative to use the wings picks for the legs :)