Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bento No. 65 - Mr Happy (Sketch)

Another super zombie Monday without any bento ideas.. I was really not in the mood to cut nori details, so i took out my set of Wilton food writer. Trying to experiment how these food marker pen works on Cheese.

So I choose to sketch Mr Men character - Mr Happy, the result is not too optimistic, the ink sort of smudge on the cheese. Think the pen works best on icing or fondant.

Then I decided not to let E bring this slice of cheese to school, as the teacher might wonder why his mummy use a marker pen to draw on the cheese.

As they might not know they are products such as "edible food colour pen".. hehe..

And the kids might start using their pen drawing on cheese.. I dont want to create that kind of confusion.. or is it just me who are over worried. :P

So I ask E to eat the slice of cheese with bread on his way to school. He seems to like the idea too.. he has started reading the Little Miss books series, and he is asking for the Mr. Men collection. I am still searching for the complete set of books for him.

I made another "normal bento" with Cheese and strawberry jam sandwich rolls.

Add in 2 green stalk pick to the sandwich rolls as Roses.


  1. Aw....Mr. Happy is so cute! And I like it the way you use the picks to make sandwich rolls look like flowers.

  2. Hi Tiffany, Thanks. Actually I prefer to draw as I not very good in nori cutting..:P