Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray for Japan

Everyone has been following news on the disaster happened in Japan last Friday. I watched the coastal city being swept away by the giant Tsunami from the news.

It is devastating for the earthquake survivors to witness their own home and family being taken away from them by the earthquake and tsunami.

I almost teared when i saw one heart wrenching photos from CNN that 2 parents went back to the scene and found their daughter's body trapped inside a abandoned school bus.

I can't imagine how will i cope if this happen in our country. I salute the their courage and patience to overcome this difficult times.

And I am so sad to see such a beautiful country of Japan being torn apart by the Tsunami.

And now they are still struggling to solve the nuclear plant leaking problem at Fukushima. You can find updated news at NHK.

Hope I can help as much as I can, we can donate through the International Federation of Red Cross as posted in Sonoma bento's and Maki's blog.

Let's all pray for Japan, hope the country and people will recover from this catastrophe soon.

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