Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bento No. 67 - A fun day at the park

Today I use the mini cutters on cheese to make a little rabbit and bear. They are holding their balloons and running around the park happily.

My boy loves to go to the park to run around and feed the fishes in the pond with bread crumbs. It has been a while I didn't bring him to the park. Hope little Miss E will learn to run soon, so she can play hide and seek with his brother. :)

Cut two more grapes as Tulips in the garden.


  1. Great use of mini cutters and food picks! Cute creations in this bento. Kids are growing so fast, I think Miss E will play hide and seek soon with her brother :)

  2. Thanks Lia. I know.. my friends and colleagues have been telling me, they grows up so fast u wont even notice. When you finally realised, they wont need you anymore..:)
    We must treasure the times when they are still young and attached to us..

  3. Hi Bobo, thank you for commenting in my blog :). You asked me about my big bento, actually it's always for my husband and I, so I don't eat it alone, I wouldn't really have the motivation to make a bento only for myself I guess ;). Usually we eat such a bento for both lunch and dinner, so all in all we're not as greedy as we seem, hahaha ;)!

  4. Hi CG, thanks for dropping by. haha.. i guess so.. the bento is definitely meant for more thatn 1 person..:)