Monday, April 25, 2011

Some more bento tools, yes again..

Newest released by Kaerenmama, ordered online from BentoCraft
(there are a set of 5 cutters and 2 food picks included, a good buy)

Bento book by Akinoichigo, ordered online from BentoCraft

Yum Yum Bento Box from Crystal and Maki, a gift from my sis in US

Heart and checkered food picks from BentoCraft

Dessert food pick from BentoCraft

Hello Kitty fork and spoon from Konikuniya

Tomica Bread or cookie cutter from BentoCraft

I have invest on some bento books recently, though they are not cheap. I think its worth to purchase some books for inspiration and basic technique for making bentos.


  1. Wow , love to have the books too!Ha....

  2. Oh! Kaerenmama you meant right? :) Her work is adorable, I love her stuff too!
    Wish I had BentoCraft in Finland too ;)

    1. oops, i think i have typo error here..hehe..sorry..
      yup its Kaerenmama..
      I think Bentocraft do delivered their products internationally.. you can go online to find out.