Monday, April 25, 2011

Bento No. 73 - Peko Chan

Peko Chan Candy box

Glass miniature of Peko Chan

Peko Chan in Japan World Cup Jersey

I made Peko Chan charaben today! Peko Chan is a little girl character as trademark for Fujiya Confectionery.

She is so cute and always licking her lips.. She just love Sweets! I have mentioned earlier that I have quite a huge collection of Japanese Toy figurines.
Here are a few of my Peko Chan collection.

I made a pocket sandwich with ham and cheese fillings for E.

and I have just share this bento at Shannon's WFLW, lets hop over to take a look at other cute bentos!


  1. So sweet! Love your Peko Chan bento <3 You have a good collection of Peko Chan, wow!

  2. Peko Chan is soooooooooooo cute!!

  3. I remember that I loved looking at that Peko Chan candy box when I was a child but somehow never bought it. But I always thought that she's mad cute. I've almost forgotten about her...!

  4. Thanks Lia! But my version is not as cute as the real Peko Chan. She is way cuter!

    ya..I have a crazy hobby of collecting figurines before I was married.
    And after having kids and move into our new house, I still havent got the chance to display them.

  5. Hi CG, how could anyone not loving Peko Chan right?

    Do you believe that I actually hope I have a daughter look just like her. haha..

  6. You got the happy spirit of Peko Chan perfectly here!

  7. Thanks for your sweet comments, Jenn. :)

  8. Cute Peko Chan! You made a perfect one!

  9. Hi Ai Ping, Thanks for dropping by despite your busy schedule. :)

    I know I am far from perfect.. but I will keep on learning from other bento friends.