Monday, May 2, 2011

Bento No. 74 - Anpanman to the rescue

Happy Tuesday! Just got back to work after a long weekend. To start the week, I made a fairly easy bento - Anpanman.
I bought some shoulder ham so use the round cutters to on cheese to make the face, cut 3 round shapes on ham to make the nose and cheeks.
In the box : we have ham and Cheese roll and sammies, homemade jelly and some grapes.
E thought it was a clown..haha.. ya.. with the big round nose.. it sure does..

I have some collection on Anpanman too.. will post it up when i open my treasure box again.. :P


  1. Cute anpanman bento! I think i will make one for my daughter. :)

  2. The flying Anpanman! So cute! I am yet to get the Kareimame book, wonder if they are already sold out in Kinokuniya.

  3. Hehe, Anpanman, how cute! I have to check in youtube if I can watch Anpanman there ;).

  4. Thanks Ai Ping, Anpanman is indeed so cute and chubby..
    I ordered my online from bentocraft. Think you buy from kinokuniya price shd be lower right?

  5. Hi CG.. ya.. i should watch the Anpanman cartoon too.. i have never watch one..
    but i just love its character from first sight.

  6. I also think that Anpanman is the best when you are pressed for time or out of ideas!

  7. yup Alice.. can't agree more..
    Rilakkuma is another great choice on those blank minded days!