Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bento No. 48 - Sandwich Puff Bunnies

The weather has gone kind of crazy recently, hot and humid during the day and showers in the evenings. Lots of us, especially kids caught the flu bugs.
And we see floods in many parts of the world, like Brisbane in Australia, Brazil, Philippines etc.. And worst cold in decades, sudden change in weathers, extremely cold winter in Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia etc..
Its kind of sad and worrying to see this happen to our earth. Lets Pray for those unfortunates and hope this will end soon.
Both my Es are down with flu and cough too. So I am kind of worn out for the past few days. Thats why I always wish for health for my kids. Its hard to see them suffer, coughing through the night without getting enough sleep. sigh..
Little Miss E has slowly recovered, and Brother E is in recovering stage.
I have taken a day off to be with my boy E, so no school for him yesterday.
Today, I made him a light sandwich bento as I know he won't have a good appetite. And thankfully his school menu of the day is porridge, which is just right for him.
I use the Curry Puff mould I bought sometime ago, try to make some pocket sammies.
There are different sizes of them, we just have to find a right size of round cutter to cut the bread for fitting in the mould.
In my case, i use a round shape plastic container to print the round shape on the bread and cut it out.
Made 2 sandwich puffs, add 2 red jewel picks as their nose, and heart shape cheese as love to my 2 Es who were not well.
I have post the step by step of making the Sandwich Puff Bunnies below :

This is the Curry Puff mould that can be found at most Supermarkets or Bakery shops.

Fold it into half to press on the dough or bread of
your choice.

Cut a round slice of bread with the prefered fillings and place it on the mould.

Fold it into half and press gently.

Open it , trim the unwanted bread or dough if needed.

Tata, my Sandwich puff.

cut 2 bunny ears from the bread crust, use spagetti to secured the bunny ears on the bread.


  1. You're so creative. I never thought using puff mould to mould the bread and the bunnies are so cute, too..

    Yes, it's true. The weather nowadays is bad. I live in philippines, now the wind is so strong and it's chill here. I heard in the news that there will be typhoon this Jan 21, 2011. Hopefully it won't happen.

    Just stay healthy, dont forget consume multivitamin to boost up your immunity. :)

  2. Thanks mama elaine (Yuli), lets think of somemore characters we can make from the puff mould..:)

    yup, Hope the worst wont happen at your side.

    oh i will, now I remember my bottles of multivitamin sitting quietly on the shelf..haha

    Thanks for caring.

  3. Great tutorial and adorable bunny bento! I feel like the Year of the Rabbit is a special gift to bentoists! Have a wonderful day Bobo :D

  4. Thanks Jenn,
    yea.. Let's happily hop through the Year of Rabbit! :)

  5. Hemm... Yum-yum bunnies! Love their red noses :D