Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bento No. 47 - Little Girl and Boy Loves to Sing

My Boy E has started his 2nd year of pre-school early this month. So everything has gone back to the usual momentum now. We get up early every morning, dress him up, getting ready to work and send E to school.

So i thought of making my first back to school bento for E. I use a round cutter to make the face of the little girl and boy from kaya sandwich.

They have dressed up well and hair was nicely done. A pink ribbon pick for the girl and a green bow pick for the boy.

Put a few musical notes pick I got recently on the grapes. It looks like the notes are floating around while the kids are singing their Kindy songs along with the music. I put in a few colourful mini Microphone chocolate i bought from my recent trip as a treat for Ethan. ( I noticed E does not really fancy Chocolate, which is a good thing I guess?)


  1. Fun and happy bento for the first day back to school! Did he enjoy go back to school today?

  2. That was a really nice back to school bento! I hope E has settled down in his class by now.

    Those choco microphones are cute! Initially I thought they were mini ice cream cones! You got them from Singapore?

  3. cute and simple bento. love those cute microphone chocolates. thought they were icecream cones. =)

  4. Hi Lia,He is already ok this week. He cried the first 2 days back to school..haha.

  5. Alice, thanks. He is sort of settle down now..

    hehe.. yup i bought a few quite chocolates from Singapore recently.

    I got it from OG at Bugis.

  6. Hi Karen, Thanks. I got those microphones from OG at Bugis. They have quite a lot of choices , most of them from brand Meiji.

  7. Aw, so sweet! I've never made a bento with cute little people in it, think I need to try after seeing this :D

  8. Thanks Jenn, everyone has their style in their own bento making, thats what makes you unique. :)

    Everyone is special.. But its anticipating to see your cute bentos soon..:P