Monday, October 4, 2010

Bento No. 27 - Fishes in the sea of love

I have some new tools recently. Last Sunday i tried using the egg mould for the first time.
Made a fish hard boiled egg, some sausages and cutting the omelette using heart shape cutter.
Before I started to make bento, Ethan does not eat hard boiled eggs or sunny side up. Three months later, he loves to eat hard boiled eggs dip with soy sauce and sunny side up with tomato sauce.
I am still trying to introduce more food to him like the raw cucumber.


  1. Your fish molded so perfect! Can see the outline clearly. I agree with you for not rushing our kids to try a new kind of foods :)

  2. Thanks Lia,i cut out the excess egg white from the sides.
    ya.. think eventually kids will eat the food we give them.