Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bedtime Story

I have been reading Ethan alphabets or spelling books before his nap and story books during bedtime since 1 year old. And both of us enjoy the moment together.

Bedtime story is the best time for parent and children to communicate and to share some values.

Ethan loves to listen to story books during night time, I will let him choose the book he wants me to read. Sometimes, he want me to read to him twice or even three times.

Of course, I will read him stories as many times he wants. Before we realise, they have already memorise the words in their mind.

Sometimes before I end a sentence, he will continue for me.. haha.. that's where I found out kids mind are like a sponge, they can absorb so many things..

I remember my parents bought us a set of encyclopedia and educational books since we are young. We are encourage by them to love reading.

I want to pass it on to my children, I have ordered lots of books from the School. They have dicounted price reading materials for school children for order from time to time.

Can't wait for the new batch of interesting books to come in for Ethan.


  1. My kids tho 10 n 7, still enjoy bedtime stories. Totally agreed that it's the best way to spend some time before tucking them to bed. =)

  2. Hi Karen, good that you keep the bed time story telling till now..
    I will try to read him story till one day he wants to read by himself. ;)

  3. Oh yes, bed time story is a must for my elder boy. I hope soon he can read by himself :)