Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bento No. 12 - Buzz Buzz Honey Bee

Today my boy's bento theme is based on the artwork he brought home from school yesterday. The little Honey bee is adorable, I asked E whether he wants it for his bento tomorrow and he agrees.

Its bread and cheese again for his breakfast, I have to come out with other food variation for him before he is bored.

Add a few alphabet biscuits for a spelling Bee lesson. :)
oh yes, sprinkle some M & M treats for him occasionally, i have no doubt that he will eat all the M & Ms first in his bento.

I should have added some carrot or fruit flowers in the bento, will do that in future.

Brain not really functioning well as I am exhausted after work and Yoga class today.

I made the bread bento after tug my 2 Es in bed, I can concentrate more without much distraction from my Big E and Small E.


  1. Cute little honey bee! Actually I find bento is very effective for spelling! I made few spelling theme before this and it works :)
    Love the art work too!

  2. Ai Ping, totally agreed, and i saw a another idea in teaching our kids to count in bento too..

    Thanks.. E brought home a butterfly as his artwork this week. :)