Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bento No. 15 - Pandan Swissroll Snail

I practically run out of ideas for E's bento on Monday, so I just copied other bento mum's idea on making a snail.

Bought some Pandan Swissroll as the shell of the Snail, put 2 spagetti strips as its antenna and cheese as eyes.
Another layer of the Bento is usually some fruits, this time few slices of Lemon and Kiwi, some honey stars and gummies.


  1. A muddy snails! Cute! I'm sure now not just your son but his teacher is looking forward for your bento creation every day! :)

  2. Ai Ping: yea. i felt kind of cool to have others looking forward to my Bentos..

    Has Jia Yi's teacher commented on your bento before?

    Let us Gam Ba Teh!

  3. sherimiya: welcome to my blog, Thanks!

  4. The ideas will continue to flow once you get the hang of it!

    Thanks for popping by my blog and I hope you are having great fun bento-ing! :)

  5. Green snail is cute! And yummy too ... Surprise in the box :)

  6. Angeleyes: Thanks for the encouragement!

    Lia Chen : Thanks! i think the kids will have fun guessing what is inside their bento every time :)