Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bento No. 18 - Sushi and Onigiri Bento

I am a Jap food lover, so I love Sushi, Sashimi ...

However, this is the first time I make Sushi myself, keke.

Made some Tuna Mayo and California roll sushi for Sunday lunch. Myself, sis and mum finish all the sushi.. yummy.

I cut a few Sushi to make a bento for E and make one Onigiri too.

But E does not really fancy sushi.


  1. The sushi looks yummy, can I have one? :P

  2. sure, u come over i make for you..hehe..

  3. Love sushi ... Any kinds except the raw one. Great to add in the bento :)

  4. I want too...yummy yummy sushi. :D

  5. Thanks Lia and Emily, think we all love sushi..
    for the raw sushi, i only take salmon.

  6. I learned to make sushi some time back but had a little problems when rolling it so decided to give it a miss since! hahahaha

    But I bought some of the gadgets lately and thought I'll give it a try again!

    Very nicely done sushi you have there! Making me craving for some now!

  7. Angeleyes, Thanks.
    I think I am just lucky in succeed in making sushi my first time, think the type of Nori sheets we bought make difference too.. according to my mum ,the sheets wont stick properly when she make last time.