Sunday, August 22, 2010

A pause in my daily life...

I know i have not been posting these few days.. as I am down with fever and diarrhea.. Its the bad weather, i think.

And mummy is the last person who can fall sick in the world, as we are the pillars to the family. I felt so helpless when I can't even sit or stand, not to mention carry my baby and take care of my boy.

Thank God, I feel better after resting on my bed, for the whole day.

I am on cloud nine yesterday when i drop my boy to his school, his teacher commented on the bentos I made for E to school. She said I am so creative in those bentos.

I felt my work is being appreciated, and that was a nice feeling and motivation for me to continue my bento journey ...

So be patient for my upcoming bentos..

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