Friday, September 17, 2010

Bento No. 22 - Happy Bear Bento

Today's Bento is Happy bear bento, E and I went to the Bakery last night, and he chose his favourite Sausage Bun.

So I just decorate a bit with cheese and sasauge cut out from the two ends for the nose and mouth. Two grapes for the ears.

Complete the Bento with skewers of grapes and orange.

Again u notice my picture is vertical again.. think it is due to the size..:P


  1. Decorate the regular bun into this cute bun is become more interesting for kid. Love it!

  2. Thanks Lia, Love your work too.

  3. Love your sausage bun bear! Somehow the sesame seeds make it looks cute too! Haha...My boys are big fans of sausage bun too.

  4. cute little bear sausage bun. I sons love to eat sausage bun a lot. :)