Monday, September 27, 2010

Bento No. 25 - Doraemon

Today I made a Doraemon Bento for E, I have thought of making one for sometime.

Since I have some eggsheets, a lighter blue this time. I can try to make a Doraemon.
Cut a round shape Kaya sandwich as the Doraemon face.
some red eggsheets for his nose and mouth.
Nori for the eyes and whiskers.

Somehow i feel the Doraemon looks a bit out of shape..
Maybe its Doraemon's cousin.. :P


  1. So cute! Are you sure that is Doraemon's cousin not the twins? hehehe ... :)

  2. Thanks Lia, you are fast..
    haha.. let's conclude its someone looks like Doraemon..

  3. Doraemon..I love Doraemon. Cute & nice. :)

  4. Thanks Emily for your nice comments..:)

  5. Nice blue and red egg sheets!
    I could never get my egg sheets right! :(

    It looks like Doreamon to me!

  6. haha.. Thanks Alice.
    i refer to the tutorial for Lia's website..Maybe you can try with her method.

  7. Great job! Must start mastering how to make colour egg sheet. :D

  8. I thought Doraemon was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland for the longest time. But now I know Doraemon! Very cute. :)

  9. Hi Xeliathyin, Thanks for dropping by and the nice comments. I still have to improve in making eggsheets, its still not smooth enough.

  10. Thanks Sonoma Bento, Doraemon is one of the most popular cartoon series in Japan since since the eighties. Think everyone of us in Asian countries can sing the Doraemon song..:)
    I love Alice in wonderland too..
    mm.. maybe i can see whether i can make the Cheshire cat..