Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bento No. 26 - Sesame Street : Grover

To continue with my Sesame Street Series which rekindled my childhood memory, I choose to make " Grover" for as E's bento theme for today.
Grover is a sweet guy who always like to help and come to the rescue when needed. though he always land on the wrong places.. :P

Similar to the Cookie Monster Bento made earlier on, i use the blue and red eggsheets on E's favourite Kaya Sandwich bread.

Add skewers of ham and Cheese Sandwich, grapes and oranges.

I hate it when my picture turns that way again.. argh.. I am not a IT savvy person.. so have no idea how to fix that.


  1. I was away from blog hoping for a while as really tied up with work, and suddenly I see so many cute Sesame Street characters here! Love them! :)
    Believe it or not, i never had the chance to put my hands on colour egg sheet yet. Must find one day to make one too, they look so handy!

  2. Thanks.same here too.. sometimes I am just too busy in work so will just take a break from blogging too.

    well,ya. I only tried to make them during weekends and provided my baby is not clingy.